CHSA | Awards Categories

Industry Awards

Conferred upon a Retail Outlet that has demonstrated a commitment to Customer Happiness by implementing exemplary levels of customer service throughout the store. This is a retail store that has introduced innovative initiatives to either address customer concerns or add new dimensions to their customer experience.
Recognises a Bank that is committed to Customer Happiness and demonstrates the same by empowering employees to deliver outstanding service and adopts technology, data analytics and other modern-day tools to get a 360 view of the end to end customer journey so that initiatives and interventions can be introduced to enhance omnichannel customer experience. This is a bank that has been able to impact customer loyalty, customer preference, NPS scores and customer investment quantifiably through their CH initiatives.
Awards a Real Estate Developer that has shown commitment to delivering Customer Happiness by consistently delivering the promised quality of projects on time. This is a developer that has gone beyond the call of duty to introduce activities that lead to an inclusive and happy environment within their projects.
Felicitates a Real Estate Brokerage Agency that has consistently displayed exceptional and accurate knowledge of Real Estate, tends to have the best leads in Dubai and has established highest standards of customer service to ensure integrity in communication and fair representation.
Recognises a Community where residents are the most prominent brand ambassadors not only for the specific project but for the developer at large. This is a community where multiple activities and facilities are introduced to create an all-inclusive, happy and engaged resident community.
Conferred upon a Hospital that has demonstrated an exceptional emphasis on customer service by delivering fair treatment, quick responses and effective communication to its customers (patients and their caretakers) while balancing efficiency with empathy. This is a hospital that factors in qualities of customer-centricity in their recruitment strategy and also provides a degree of training in the same to all staff members regardless of their roles and seniority. This hospital ensures a smooth customer experience across all touch-points and champions for initiatives that can help customers faster and better.
Recognises a Clinic that offers accurate treatment, quick response and effective communication to its customers with both efficiency and empathy. This is a clinic where the entire staff is trained on basic customer-centric principles, regardless of their role and seniority to ensure their interactions with the customers are warm, effective and useful.
Felicitates an Auto Dealership that has established the highest benchmarks for parameters considered critical by their target customers. These parameters include TAT on enquiries across digital and offline media, the simplicity of the purchasing process, product knowledge & people skills of staff, ease of financing process and convenience in accessing after-sales service. This is a dealership that can demonstrate how their standard have positively impacted customer loyalty, repeat business, referral business, customer reviews and customer advocacy.
Conferred upon a School that deliberately focuses on creating experiences that make the internal and external stakeholders feel welcome and included. This is a School that factors in the needs of teachers as much as it does of the students while creating its systems and processes. This is a school that champions the cause of holistic, all-round development of kids with a particular focus on their health and happiness.
Awards a Government Initiative that has improved the resident's experience by either addressing a concern or improving the features of an existing product or service. Through this initiative, the concerned department has been able to create a quantifiable increase in Customer Happiness.
Felicitates a Hotel that has demonstrated exemplary customer service by continuously building the capability to serve the customers with speed, accuracy of information while creating experiences that are customised, personal and memorable. This is a Hotel that has mastered the ability to gather customer feedback across multiple touchpoints and leverages social media intelligently to listen to customers and purposefully engage with them. This Hotel drives customer-centricity across all departments, staff members and channels to ensure that the customer experiences exemplary service before, during and after the stay.
Awarded to a consulting firm that has gone above and beyond their call of duty to support their clients with innovative solutions and assistance, thereby delivering customer happiness. This award recognises consulting companies that have supported their clients in strategising effective ways to deliver customer happiness.

Cross Sector Awards

Felicitates a Contact Centre where innovate methods and ideas have been implemented to provide timely, accurate and empathetic support to customers resulting in quantifiable business performance.
Celebrates an organization which is intelligently leveraging digital and social media platforms to attract, engage and serve customers in a way that has positively impacted service time, service standard and overall customer experience
Recognises an organization that has implemented lucrative and impactful Loyalty & Rewards program that has led to increased customer stickiness, increased usage of product/service by customers and an overall increase in customer happiness.
Awards an organization that has innovated a new product/service/process to enhance the customer experience & make the customer journey seamless direct impact on business results.
Recognises an organization that has implemented an innovative and compelling strategy to create holistic engagement with employees leading to quantifiable improvement in the employee experience leading to better employee retention, enhanced employee satisfaction and stronger brand endorsement by employees.
Felicitates an organization that has successfully applied end-to-end Customer forcussed 360 degrees technology as part of an overall strategy to deliver customer experience and has been able to create a sustainable competitive business advantage owing to its superior implementation of technology.
Awards an organization that has successfully utilised Mobile and Apps to ensure better convenience, faster service, effective user interface and on-the-go solutions for their customer.
Recognises a customer interacting team or department that has demonstrated the intent, strategy, policies and actions to deliver customer happiness with a direct impact on the team's performance.
Recognises an organization that has a robust program to retain its present customers with a tangible impact on repeat and referral business.
Felicitates CX expert trainers who have helped companies in exponentially improving their CX processes and outcomes with measurable business impact.
Awarded to an organisation that has shown agility in adapting to newer, innovative ways to continue serving their customer needs, especially in the constrained times of pandemic crisis. This award recognises the organisation that has demonstrated resilience and managed survival in tough times while continuing to show empathy to the unique needs of the customers.
Conferred upon an organisation that has shown intent, strategy and execution to address the needs of customers from all backgrounds and abilities. This is an organisation that is sensitive to the unique demands of customers who represent diverse geographies, gender identities, physical capabilities, age groups, and religious beliefs. This award is also to celebrate companies that have implemented strong measures to ensure that their employee demographic is representative of the diverse groups that reside in the UAE and have created a culture where everyone feels welcome and valued.
Recognises an organisation or an institution that has implemented initiatives to serve the community during tough pandemic times. Whether it was through donations or committing a part of sales for a cause or launching programs to address the needs of a specific group (women, senior citizens, etc), this award is to recognise initiatives that helped in delivering comfort and care during strained times.
Awards a team that has demonstrated passion, focus and unwavering commitment to customer happiness and made a tangible impact on the delivery of customer expereince in the organization.

Individual Awards

Recognises an individual who is in a leadership position with over 10 years of experience and has implemented initiatives that have positively impacted the customer experience, customer loyalty and overall customer perception of the brand. This is an individual who inspires peers and juniors to adopt higher self- standards of customer service so they can deliver impeccable experience to the end user each time, every time.
Recognises an individual who is in a leadership position with over 10 years of experience and has implemented initiatives that have positively impacted the customer experience, customer loyalty and overall customer perception of the brand. This is an individual who inspires peers and juniors to adopt higher self- standards of customer service so they can deliver impeccable experience to the end user each time, every time.

*Please note that awards categories are subject to change. Kindly check again for a final list when nominations open for 2021.

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